Association for media and civil society development plans, organizes, and executes projects in accord with its goals given by the Statute.

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Goals and activities of the Association

    • Improvement of all aspects of media and civil society
    • Helping the development and accessibility of internships for young media workers
    • Advocating for media freedom and freedom of information
    • Helping and supporting the education of young media workers
    • Organizing seminars, workshops, conferences, and debates to foster networking and develop new skills in beneficiaries of various professions
    • Developing and implementing projects focused on media, civil society, and human rights
    • Exchanging experiences and information with similar Associations and other non-government organizations in the country and abroad
    • Publishing books, brochures, bulletins, and other publications, as well as launching websites and radio shows in order to achieve the objectives of the Association

Our projects


Fact-checking project done in 2017, represents the TV and online show which, in cooperation with debunking web platform ...


Š ( is a dedicated satirical news portal operated by the crew of URMCD, further extended by addition...

Campaign #sjašite (get off)

Campaign #sjašite (get off) was started in cooperation with Youth Resource Centre Tuzla (ORC) and Network of Activist Ch...

Political accountability vol. 2

After the successful first series of workshops, we have seen the interest of the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina for ...